Cyber Incident Response

Designed for any organisation that does not have the internal resources to handle complex, large scale or unexpected data or systems breaches.

• CREST Accredited Cyber Incident Response provider

Incident Response services – if you have or suspect a cyber incident, then we can mobilise to help identify, contain, investigate and remediate to secure your systems.

Incident Response retained services – ensure that you are ready to respond immediately when an incident occurs. Includes preparation of an Incident Response Plan and Playbooks.

Rapid response from highly experienced cyber security professionals to help minimise damage and prevent future attacks.

Cost: From £250 per month

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t: 01223 298 333
a: Unit D South Cambridge Business Park, Babraham Road, Sawston, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, CB22 3JH


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Cyber Essentials Plus

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Company Name: 3B Data Security Ltd
Company Number: 10353328
VAT Number: GB 312768894
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