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How many visitors Does ALLOWLIST get?

ALLOWLIST launched on the 12th June 2020 as the internet’s preferred supplier list for cyber security and data protection. When considering investing in ALLOWLIST membership, the question most often asked is ‘How many visitors do you get?’

How many visitors does ALLOWLIST get? A view of 30 days

Taking the statistics for the 6th June 2020 to 5th July 2020, we can make the following observations:

ALLOWLIST web traffic June Dates

ALLOWLIST web traffic June 2020 Dates

ALLOWLIST Web Traffic Summary

ALLOWLIST web traffic summary
ALLOWLIST web traffic summary:
  • There were 1, 262 users of which 1,257 were new users
  • This equated to 1, 796 sessions with an average of 1.42 sessions per user
  • There were 5, 503 page views with an average of 3.06 page views per session
  • The average session duration was 2 minutes
ALLOWLIST June New V Returning Visitors
ALLOWLIST website June 2020 New Visitors vs Returning Visitors

ALLOWLIST Website User Duration

ALLOWLIST June user duration
ALLOWLIST website user duration June 2020

Statistically, we see a strong engagement, with average time spent on the site being quite high. Whilst there is a peak of 0 – 10 second bounce rates, this is statically normal for web traffic; yet the engagement between 11 seconds – 3 minutes is high, and anecdotally above industry average.

ALLOWLIST Website Referrals

ALLOWLIST June Referals
ALLOWLIST June Referrals

ALLOWLIST June User and Device Breakdown
ALLOWLIST June User and Device Breakdown

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