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GDPR Month: Welcome to GDPR Month!

It’s GDPR month at ALLOWLIST!

Throughout the month of August we will be bringing you insights from the very best GDPR Solutions providers and people that THE LIST has to offer!

We will cover the basics of what the GDPR is, as well as bring together solution providers and their collective experience from across the ALLOWLIST community.

Have a GDPR query? Need to speak to someone about how best to legally protect your data? We may just have the solution that you’re looking for.

What’s happening this month?

Guest blogs from ALLOWLIST members will be covering a number of diverse industry topics. Including Franchising and Data Protection, Data Protection within schools and asking why should you engage a Data Protection/GDPR Consultant? Be sure to check out our Blog for new content throughout the month!

We have launched a dedicated GDPR Spotlight page that covers an introduction to GDPR and features THE LIST of GDPR Solutions providers, each due diligence checked, rated, reviewed, and ranked for you to take the guess work out of supplier selection.

We hope you enjoy GDPR Month, and as always if you have any queries just get in touch!

For an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation visit The Information Commissioner.

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