Cyber Security Directory

Cyber Security Directory

A cyber security directory of the preferred suppliers in cyber security with due diligence checks completed. Each supplier is ranked, rated, and reviewed to create the industry unique preferred supplier list. There is no cost to search the cyber security directory, and unlike other directories we do not want your details and we do not hide our suppliers.

A lot of directory services know that your data is valuable; they want you to create accounts, to log in, to give them your email. They want to track what you do and what you search. They want to hide the suppliers from you and restrict the suppliers that you see. Why? because they that is how they get paid; selling your information, limiting your choice, tracking your movements, analysing your behaviour. We are different because we just don’t care. All we want is for you to get the right supplier for you from the preferred supplier list.

A unique all domain directory

THE LIST is an all domain directory, and that makes it pretty unique in the marketplace. Most directories, if you can find them, will concentrate on a specific domain or a specific niche. You may get a pen testing directory or a GDPR directory or a particular value-added resellers limited product directory, but you will not get an all domain directory. This is where we excel. We have all of those and more. Whatever you need, you will find in on THE LIST. If it supports cyber security, we have it. We have lawyers and solicitors that specialise in GDPR, Data Protection Act law, privacy notices, binding corporate rules. We have HR companies that provide background checks, HR policies, disciplinary processes. We have technical companies, hosting companies, secure offices, communications companies, couriers, cleaners and more. We think that makes us pretty unique. But more than that, we don’t just list anyone; this is not a paid advert. We perform rigorous checks on the companies in THE LIST; we check their insurances, their company status and check the certifications and qualifications they claim to have if they are relevant to the services they are offering to you. So, you can’t just pay to be on THE LIST. And it doesn’t stop once you are LISTED either; our checks and balances allow for suppliers to be ranked, rated, and reviewed by customers so you get a true sense of what the company is like.

No commission, no fees, no data collection

Use THE LIST and you search free of commissions, free of fees and free of any data collection. We don’t charge the companies that join THE LIST commission, so the price they give you is the price they charge. We don’t charge you a fee to access THE LIST or hide THE LIST from you. And we don’t collect your data, or make you log in, or give us your email, or try to get access to your information any other way, because we don’t want to sell it and we don’t want to track you.

A preferred supplier directory of trusted suppliers

That all adds up to a directory of trusted cyber security suppliers. And if you can’t find what you are looking for on THE LIST, give us a call. It’s strange, but not all suppliers wanted to be LISTED. So even if you can’t find it, chances are we have it.

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