ALLOWLIST - Recruitment Disrupted

Recruitment Disrupted

If we could remove commission fees, support mental health and get people back in work would you be interested?

A by-product of THE LIST is people looking for work and people looking to employ people in a match dot com of recruitment. So here’s what we realised; if people can search THE LIST directly for candidates looking for roles and contact them directly, then THEY DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANY FEES. Companies can save those huge commissions that they pay if they go direct. The problem is they didn’t know where to go. Now they do.

Here is how it works

If you need help you reach out and if we can help we LIST people that need help for free.

Once LISTED the person gets MASSIVE exposure:

recruiters also look at THE LIST for candidates increasing the exposure and chance of finding the right recruiter for the work you want.

companies also look at THE LIST for candidates directly

the leadership team and the membership of THE LIST promote the person to their networks.

The recruiter / the company or anyone that normally charges fees has a MASSIVE moral obligation to donate the savings to the charity MIND.

Supporting Mental Health / Supporting People

We have all been in positions of being made redundant, out of work, at risk of losing our jobs. At ALLOWLIST, we don’t want to cash in, we want to help. We believe in supporting people and in supporting mental health. If we can get people back in work whilst promoting and supporting the professionals that support mental health day-in-day-out, then maybe, just maybe, on this one occasion we can make the world a better place for someone else.


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